Partner TNJ School

At TNJ International School, we understand the importance of unity, importance of each individual who contributes to our noble cause, directly or indirectly. May it be the people contributing for academic developments, the infrastructure maintenance or the experts extending their products or services to TNJ Campus and it’s students, we welcome all. We believe in team work & efforts, and respect individual talents and reward reasonably.

We also welcome individuals & institutes who share similar passion like ours and would like to bring forward the legacy of TNJ School to other places and people. We are willing to share the knowledge we have gained over years and we strongly believe knowledge grows by sharing. Simultaneously, we are open to learning new things for our institutes & our student’s developments.

Hence we solicit partnership/products/services from individuals & institutes for the same. If you are one of the followings or think can contribute to our institute, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Stationery, Uniforms, Books, Furniture etc
Paediatrician, Child Psychologist, Educationist, Artist, Sports Coach etc
Franchises, Investors, Property Owners etc.
Dance, Music, Art & Craft, Sports etc.
Venue Owners
(for field trips & excursions): Auditorium, Parks, Factories, Aquarium, Farm house etc.

Inquire / Propose