Events TNJ School

Event Calendar 2012-13
April Health Day, Earth Day
June Environment Day
July Rainy Day
August Raksha Bandan, Janamshathami, Independence Day
September Ganesh Chaturthi
October Gandhi Jayaanti, Navratri
November Diwali
December Christmas, New Year Day
January Kite Flying Day, Republic Day
February Grandparents Day
March Holi

TNJ realises a child’s need for free spirit and recreation. Also, the innocent doesn’t know why exactly a day is rejoiced and celebrated in a grand manner. Hence to curb the child’s curiosity, various events are held at the school. Also, the aim is to introduce children to the rich Indian culture and explain to them why a particular event or festival is celebrated.

These activities help students and the parents to find interest in their academics and equally take keen interest in recreation too. Even the parents get a chance to actively get involved and updated with latest developments on their child's life at school.