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Career at TNJ is excellent for those with a good value system. It has all qualities which gets you respect, stability & status in the society. In coming years, a job at TNJ will take care of all the basic needs for a good and respectable life. There are provisions to give support for children's education, personal accident cover, med claim, leave encashment etc. Gratuity serves as an additional long term benefit. TNJ has a training program to help you mould yourself into an excellent teacher.

Recruitment Philosophy
"Good people make the place better, which in turn invites better people to join".

Why TNJ?
Biggest thing in life is inner satisfaction, attaining a level of proficiency & perfection in ones actions. Recognition & rewards automatically come your way. To achieve this, one needs a right opportunity in the right environment. At TNJ, one gets the opportunity to touch highest levels of one’s potential. So if you have always been looking for the right kind of opportunity, you have found one here with us

TNJ Operation
TNJ's operations are divided across various functional departments such as Academics (Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science), Physical Activity, Extra-Curricular (Music, Dance, Dramatics, Art & Craft), Academic Operations, Strategy, Business Promotion, Admissions, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Management, Finance & Accounts, Legal, Projects, HRD & Training. TNJ is always on the lookout of talented, learned individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have passion to excel, to be accommodated at any of the schools, TNJ hires people at entry level, mid level and senior positions for the various above mentioned functional departments
We shall be looking for the following qualities in you.
  • Command over English Language
  • Ability to think out of box
  • Ability to persuade others
In Demo Lecture we will observe your board work, communication skills, fundamentals, enthusiasm etc. Please note that demo lecture is also an important criterion for selection. A person needs to perform well in all these activities as per the expectation of TNJ. Result will be given at the end of the day. Offer letter will be dispatched in two weeks time

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